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The purpose of 1-866-MUST-B-21 (NEBRASKA) is to help prevent underage drinking and the problems caused by such behavior. This toll-free line is operational 24 hours a day, 7-days a week.

You are encouraged to call the tip line and report incidents of minors attempting to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol.

You can also use the line to report any person, or business illegally providing or selling alcohol to a minor. In addition, 1-866-MUST-B-21 can be used to report anyone hosting functions where minors are consuming alcohol or allowing their property to be used where such activity is occurring.

The calls can be anonymous if you choose. It's that simple. The important thing is to remember the number and use it: 1-866-MUST-B-21. (1-866-687-8221)

There is much more to the program and the problem though. Please learn by browsing our website.